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In a world full of challenges and changes, we at Media Capital Flanders believe in the power of stories to explore and connect the deepest layers of our human experience. As a film fund, we strive to support projects that not only provide entertainment but also reflect the universal human struggles, triumphs, and aspirations.

We recognize the importance of personal responsibility, self-development, and the pursuit of meaning in life. Our support goes to stories that highlight these core values and challenge the viewer to reflect on their own role in the world around them.

We encourage filmmakers to explore themes of individual growth, resilience, ethics, and the quest for truth. By telling these stories, we hope to promote a dialogue that is not only inspiring but also leads to a deeper understanding of ourselves and our society.

At Media Capital Flanders, we are convinced that films are not just entertainment but also a powerful means to uplift and connect the human spirit. By collaborating with filmmakers who strive for authenticity and depth, we aim to contribute to a cultural landscape that is both challenging and enriching for us all.

With this mission in mind, we remain committed to supporting films that not only make an impression but also have a lasting impact on viewers and society as a whole.