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As an investment fund in the film industry, we acknowledge our responsibility to promote sustainability and societal well-being while simultaneously creating value for our investors. Our ESG policy is anchored in the following principles:

  • Environmental: We strive to promote environmentally friendly practices in all our film productions and operational activities. We actively seek opportunities to reduce our ecological footprint through energy efficiency, waste reduction, and sustainable materials.
  • Social: We are committed to creating a work environment in the film industry where all individuals, regardless of their background, are valued and respected. We aim for an environment where everyone has equal opportunities and feels welcome. We are dedicated to the health, safety, and well-being of all employees and stakeholders involved in our film productions.
  • Governance: We adhere to strict ethical standards and transparent business practices in all our activities. We aim for a robust corporate governance framework that protects the interests of our investors and ensures the integrity of our fund. We promote responsibility, accountability, and sustainability within our management team and among all stakeholders.

This ESG statement reflects our commitment to achieving sustainable growth and societal impact in the film industry. We remain committed to integrating ESG factors into all our investment decisions and activities.